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Luna Blue

Luna Blue

About a year ago I lost my 3 yr. old JRT named “Jinx”. I loved that dog and as I am sure Many have said this before…” don’t think I can love another pup’. Well, thanks to Kate of Scotlyn Kennels, I found this handsome lil devil. Gus is all a JRT pup can be if not more. I was tentative about trying to get a pup again but… Kate thanks to your advice it has made it easier to raise this lil guy. He has become a big part of my life. He is a real attention getter and he is quite the character. I look forward to many years of enjoyment from my “Gus”. Thanks again Kate for your guidance and words of encouragement David Velasco Los Angeles, CA

Dear Katie,

My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for 1the newest addition to our family. "Slate" AKA "Lucky" has absolutely stolen our hearts! He is such a sweet, willing, smart and BEAUTIFUL puppy. Being a canine professional of 26 years, causes me to set the bar very high when it comes to selecting a dog for my family. This dog has surpassed all of my expectations in every area possible. He is kind in nature, willing and tries very hard to please and is so responsive. I have trained a variety of working dogs over the years, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers and Labradors. To date, I have never 2worked with a young dog who possesses such maturity and steadiness at this young age. He is truly a pleasure. I want to savor his puppy years, but can't wait to see him has an adult. As I mentioned during our initial conversations, a good temperament is my number one priority, and he is all that. The icing on the cake is this pups' conformation and color. He is so handsome and put together very well! He is stout, strong, healthy in all areas and just gorgeous to look at. My six year old son is loving everyday with this pup. As a parent, it is such a good feeling to provide your child with positive animal experiences. As you know, those experiences now will shape their future relationship with animals. I have to thank you Kate for doing such a great job of matching our family with the right puppy. I appreciate you listening and asking all the right questions. I also 3appreciate your honesty and really knowing your dogs when it comes to compatibility. I have no doubt that these two have nothing but a future of love, warmth and FUN ahead. Overall my experience was super! Thanks you Katie for always being available to answer questions and keeping me well informed. Thanks for making his transport and overall experience seamless and pleasant. You have really set the bar high! When the day comes to purchase another Jack Russell........is there another as nice as this pup? Boy oh boy, it is going to he a tall bill to fill! I am sure we will be talking in the future.

Thank you Katie! All our love, Steph, Joe and Patrick

I just wanted to say Remey is an amazing puppy! I'm so glad we found you and your Jack Russell's! I was surprised when I picked her up that she already knew her name, that meant a lot. She did great when we brought her home, only the first few nights were semi-sleepless. LoL Potty training was a breeze too! She's only had 5 accidents ever! Her favorite toy is anything that squeaks and she loves to Remyplay fetch, a lot! She's loves to play with kids dogs, and meet new people. Every time I take her out with me, everyone comments on how beautiful and precious she is. Remey's taken a puppy training class. She exceeded our expectations and wowed the instructor. Next up she has an intermediate class this month. We started teaching her tricks. She does high five, shake, sit pretty, and catches a Frisbee. Her least favorite trick is roll over, she just doesn't like to do it, lol. My husband and I would like to thank you for our wonderful puppy. She is a great addition to our family! Best Regards, Scott and Tiffany Rose

Hi Kate,

We are so glad that we found you and your beautiful dogs. We had justKopi recently lost our beloved Gizmo, who was also an English Jack Russell that we had in our lives for 14 wonderful years, and we were heartbroken. We were looking to add a new member to our family, when we came across your website. Since the day that we got Kopi, he has been a lifesaver for both my husband and I. He has filled the hole in our hearts and much more. He is so smart, and was potty trained within two weeks. He is very happy, and loves to play fetch with just about anything. He also thinks Michael is his personal chew toy! We had forgotten how much energy they have when they are little. He sure keeps us on our toes. We both just want to thank you so much. He has made us so happy again, and we will definitely refer you to anyone that wants a great dog. I am still hoping that we can get a second puppy from you someday. Take care and we will talk soon.

Mike & Debi Deconinck

CooperWhat a good puppy, I don’t even know where to begin, not only is he the most handsome little man, but he is smart, Coopersweet and very well adjusted. He has been a good puppy from the beginning adjusting to being by himself at night only took to nights. It almost seemed like a natural thing to sit and sit up on command from an early age. Now 5 ˝ months, he also shakes and rolls over. He also has all the great hunting instincts of a Shorty Jack and loves to dig in the gopher holes, although we don’t actually let him hunt Cooperthem yet, like his big sister does. He has also bonded very well with our 9 yr old female Shorty Jack, it hysterical to watch them play!
I thought it would be really hard to replace my Shorty male Jack after he died, but Cooper made it so easy. He is the most lovable little Jack and has been a real blessing to our family. His nick name is “Whooh” as he likes to do that when he greets people as they come in the house! June Bug and Lincoln made the best pups, Thanks so much Katie for doing such a good job on his breeding. Gay Boyd

Hi Katie!
Rob and I can't tell you how thankful we are to have found you as a breeder! My husband and I knew we wanted a Jack Russell, but had no idea where to start looking. Luckily, we found you! We were sold the day you allowed us to meet and play with all of your Jacks! After that day, we didn't care which litter our puppy would be from because they were all SO much fun to be around! They were so fun-loving and content in their surroundings, which gave us comfort in what our puppy would become!Turbo
Rob and I are SO in love with Turbo! We were impressed yet again the day we picked him up, when he was already coming to his name…thanks to you and your family! He still lights up when we call his name, which is something Rob and I really wanted to focus on during puppy training…and can't thank you enough for!
Turbo is not just loved by us, but by ALL of our family and friends. They can't believe how smart and full of personality he is…and just adore him! He has been the main entertainment for our friends, their dogs and kids at all the bbq's we go to! My 1.5-yr old godson is ABSOLUTELY in love with Turbo and enjoys every minute of EVERY play date! They have a pug who really likes Turbo as well.
He loves his toys and LOVES to play fetch…he even drops his toy on command at 13-weeks! He also really loves his baths…but didn't really have a choice since I love a snuggly, clean dog…haha! He also really loves laying on his bed for all of our road-trips! He knows when we pick up his bed he gets to go somewhere fun! His favorite toys have been stuffed ones…which I SWORE I would never buy my dog…haha! His duck is one he puts in and out of his crate…very much his favorite. He also REALLY loves his frisbee…which you'll see in one of the pictures I attached. I could go on for days about how wonderful and hilarious he is!
Thank you again for loving him SO much in the beginning! Rob and I know Turbo would NOT be the same dog if you hadn't spent so much time with all the puppies in the beginning. We feel very lucky to have this little guy in our lives and will certainly be sending anyone who asks about him your way! We are really looking forward to the next fifteen years with Mr. Turbo!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob and Kim Muellner

My husband and I decided to add a small dog breed to our family. This was a new adventure for us and we were excited but apprehensive due to the fact that we've never owned small dogs before. While looking around for the "right" small breed fate brought us and the Suesens family together. We have never been happier with our choice of Katie's shorty JRT's. I say "JRT's" because my husband and I intended to purchase only 1 puppy but walked away with 2, a brother and sister whom we've named, respectively, Pete and Annie. Needless to say, Pete and Annie have been the best dogs ever! This brother and sister team have added many fun filled chapters to our lives in just the short year and a half we have owned them and we look forward to many more. From day one, Pete and Annie, have balanced each other out. They are the most loving, loyal, devoted, FUN (crazy fun at times) and intelligent dogs we have ever owned. Their awesome personalities and dispositions has made training them very easy and rewarding and we have never regretted getting two puppies at the same time. We attribute all of these fantastic traits to excellent breeding on Katie Suesens part. From the start we loved how Katie raised her dogs and puppies and that excellent "family unity" that she instills, with all of her animals, has ensured both well-rounded and sound animals, which is incredibly important when you are taking a new puppy home. Thank you Katie and family for giving us great joy by raising the best dogs/puppies ever! The Marks Family

Hi Kate,
Sorry it took me so long to write you a testimonial about Clancey. I have Clanceybeen on vacation all this last week and go back to work tomorrow, vacation over :)
I am so happy I got a Jack Russell from Kate. I have wanted a Jack Russell as long as I can remember and knew when the time came it was a big commitment and responsibly to take on a high energy dog like a Jack Russell. I have not been disappointed in my decision in getting a dog from Katie, he is a very handsome, smart, entertaining, and top quality Jack Russell with a great personality and a companion I can not imagine a life with out.
Tina Tyler